One Woman’s Story About Coming Out Later In Life

Maisie’s Story

Finally giving in to the realization her twenty-year marriage is over, Maisie feels like a failure – to herself and her kids. But living a life of quiet desperation has taken its toll and she can’t keep up the charade of the white picket fence any longer or she’ll go nuts. But is it too late? There was a time she smiled her way through life but now she bawls over her steering wheel on her way to work, touches up her make-up for her co-workers, then ugly-cries all the way home before mopping away trails of mascara to face her husband and kids.

As she plans her escape to a basement apartment big enough to house herself and her children, the unthinkable happens. She finds herself falling in love. Or at least she thinks she is. She fights these feelings with a fierce resistance. But night after night she tosses and turns on the sofa, knocking her little shih zhu, Poppy, from side to side as she struggles with her truth …

How can she possibly be 41 years old and in love with someone 9 years her junior … someone who she used to babysit … someone who happens to be a WOMAN


Life is about change.
Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it’s beautiful.
But most of the time, it’s both.

~Lana Young

The Telling – Part 1

I glanced around the bistro. It overflowed with the lunch crowd, people talking, laughing, sharing good company, enjoying good food. Coffee, strong and rich wafted past...

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The Telling – Part 2

Break It To Them Gently My hands shook badly and I thought I might throw up. I walked slowly down the hall and caught my look in the mirror. Mom’s words came back,...

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The Diary

Poppy’s wee face was lost in a mess of scruffy fur, her snores the only sound breaking the still of the bedroom. I peered around my bleak surroundings, at the boxes of...

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Over and over and over again!

Coming Out ~ My Never-ending Story It began with my sister, Fionna. It was pretty easy coming out to Fi. She actually figured me out way before I was ready to tell. I...

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My Own White Picket Fence

As a child, I was naive. I thought my family was happy. And I was happy. Although I didn’t know the meaning of a ‘white picket fence’ life, every day was...

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Dork is my Middle Name

I don’t know how old I was when it dawned on me that maybe I wasn’t like everyone else. Maybe in high school? But I loved high school and had the best group...

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I Kissed A Girl

She gathered me into her arms and I felt her lips touch mine. The Kiss. How can I explain it?  Soft. Gentle. Different. And right. I did not want to open my...

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Construction of a Closet

When I realized I was in love with Jess, she was thirty-two and I was the ripe old age of forty-one. In school, much like me, she liked boys just like her...

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How 2 Women Became 2 Moms

What? Wait a second! I already have 3 children! And I’m bloody 42 years old! I felt my easy grin turn Stepfordish – a robotic, macabre smile pulling at my...

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Why Can’t I Just Be Normal?

I was 40. An awareness was seeping slowly into my brain, a sick panic taking root in my center. I had met my husband – a shy guy with a disarming smile – in...

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Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad, When I was a kid you taught us the importance of family. You taught my sister and brother and I to stand up for each other no matter what...

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